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Vigilance Control Device


Supply Voltage
50 to 100V DC

Power Consumption
< 10W

Ambient Temperature Range
-5° to 70°C

Digital Input Interface
For 72V DC Locomotive signals with Reverse polarity and Surge Protection

Digital Output Interface
For operating Penalty Brake Relay, DMR Relay with Short circuit protection and ACD Interface Relay output.

Lamp Indication
For Healthiness of system and Warning Lamp for Vigilance Cycle Operation Status

Audio Output
Through Buzzer provided in Control Unit

Non-Resettable Counter
For counting non compliance of Vigilance Cycle through 6 digit Electromechanical type Counter

Vigilance Isolation
Through operation of switch provided in a sealed glass cover on facia of Control Unit (break the glass and operate the switch)


  • Microcontroller based system offering very accurate timing controls
  • Non-resettable electro mechanical counter indicates the number of times penalty brakes have been applied
  • VCD cycle is supressed in case the locomotive is working as slave in Multiple Unit operation or is at standstill
  • Sealed isolation switch is provided to manually isolate VCD in case of system malfunction
  • Provision to interface with speedometer for operation only beyond certain speed limits
  • Works on locomotive battery voltage
  • Potential free relay output is provided for interfacing  with Anti Collision Device unit where ever provided


Product Overview

Vigilance Control Device (VCD) is a microcontroller based safety device which will automatically apply penalty brakes in case the driver is incapacitated or dead. Similar operation is available in older locomotives in the form of Deadman’s Lever.

Operating Principle

Installed on locomotive, VCD will give cyclic warning to the driver. Based on drivers reaction to this warning (in terms of any of the pre-defined sets of actions to be done by the driver), the system will automatically reset the alerting cycle. In case the driver fails to acknowledge to the initial alert signals, a set of additional alert indications are given. Failing to respond to these aditional alert signals also will result in automatic application of penalty brakes.

Some of the pre-defined set of actions to reset Alerter cycle can include:

  1. Change of notch position/ Master Handle Reverser
  2. Increase / decrease of level of dynamic braking
  3. Normal application of formation brakes
  4. Operation of locomotive horn
  5. Operation of sanding valves
  6. Pressing of VCD reset button
  7. Other customized actions based upon locomotive type

These pre-defined set of actions are regularly monitored by VCD system and VCD cycle is reset whenever any of the above actions takes place.

In case the driver fails to acknowledge the Alerter warning signal during initial time period (say 60 sec), an additional indication in form of blinking LED will be given for pre-defined time. After the predefined time if acknowledgement is not yet received, an additional audio alarm is given. If the driver further fails to acknowledge the alarm, automatic application of brakes will take place and Engine is brought to IDLE speed.

VCD Application Softweare

Download the following file and save in the local disc of your computer. Unzip it and run the installer.